No Pallet

Bag specially designed for its use without pallet for saving its cost and/or in case lifting loops may not or cannot be used.

We have developed a kind of Big Bag with a special shape at its bottom to be transported without the need of pallets or other accessories, and when the upper loops are not wanted to be used.

This means that pallets can be removed with the consequent savings on materials and the win of space at your facilities.



Savings: By reducing the pallets cost.

Increased Productivity: Less time and people is needed with the handling of pallets.

Space optimization: You don’t need to store wooden pallets on-site.

Environmentally Friendly: Help to preserve forests as you’ll be using much less wood.
Ecológico: Se contribuye a proteger los bosques porque ya no se usa madera.
Highly resistant fabrics (240 g/m2).

Square dimensions (87 x 87, 90 x 90, 94 x 94 cm).

Heights between 80 & 180 cm.
No Pallet


No Pallet