Provides an easy and efficient handling once filled and also during its intermediate storage stage and transport.

The D1 Big-Bag makes handling fast and efficient, once as we as during  its storage and transport. D-1 bags are made out of Polypropylene fabric (PP) and may contain a Polyethylene (PE) liner inside. They are U.V. stabilized and can be recycled.

Its biggest advantage is that it can be easily lifted from one or two points. Loading and unloading with fork-lift trucks can be carried out by a single person and the bags can be stacked up to 5 heights. A better use of space provides more storage availability at no additional cost.

Emptying is fast thanks to a single cut at the bottom with a sharp objet, or with use of a discharge spout (optional). There are especific designed D1 for cement, fertilisers, dangerous goods, etc.



Maximum Guarantee.Significant cost saving.
Rigorous quality control.

High safety factor.

Maximum stability during storage due to its bottom design.

Total flexibility at transport.

U.V. stabilised.

Resistant to chemical agents.
Easy filling and emptying.

No pallet needed.

Elimination of slings.

Minimum labour required during its filling, handling, loading and unloading.

Minimum investment in filling equipment.

Posibility of outside storage.


Types of Bottom
Pyramidal base specially for fluids (cements)Square bottomFrench bottom
Discharge spoutFilling spout