Harvest quality improvement

Soil cover net that benefits ripening and growth. Removes water evaporation and as a result less irrigation is needed.

Improve harvest quality and reduce water usage.

We have developed an innovative fabric for agricultural use complexing a diverse range of materials to create a ground cover sheet which can reflects sunlight completely.

Covering on the ground with a flexible substrate of high density polyethylene physically joined to an aluminium containing polyolefin if provides a reflective surface that contribuites sunlight to the bottom of the plants.

This extra light favours homogenous ripening of all the fruit, accelerating growth and optimising ripeness. It also eliminates ground moisture´s evaporation which leads to significant savings in water savings.


Technical data

  • Constructions: Textile composite + metallised polyolefin.

  • Material: HDPE or PP substrate + metallised polyolefin (aluminium).

  • Available widths: Up to 200 cm.

  • Production options.

  • Colours: Metallic.

Harvest quality improvement


Harvest quality improvement