Antitrip Net

Net specially designed as a barrier to the access of trips and aphids to cultivation areas and plantations.

These insects, produce great damages in the fruits deteriorating their quality. In addition, they can also affect the integrity of the plant, with the consequent cost or loss that this entails for the farmer.

From Condepols, we have worked on the design of an Antitrip Mesh that eliminates the incidence of these possible diseases inside the greenhouse, being a physical obstacle to insects that carry viruses, such as whiteflies or aphids. In the same way, it avoids the exit of the insects used for the pollination of the greenhouse.


Technical data

  • Constructions: 16×10, 20×10, 22×10.

  • Material: HDPE monofilament.

  • Available widths: upto 400 cm.

  • Production confection.

  • Colours: Black, white and green.

Antitrip Net


Antitrip Net

Product Sheet

Antitrip Net