Frost protection

Protects the greenhouse from thermal inversion, as it blocks the escape of infrared radiation and keeps inside temperature more stable.

One of the big problems of greenhouses in winter is the so-called thermal inversion. This effect takes place when after a night in which a frost occurs, the greenhouse maintains that temperature until very late in the day, being therefore at a lower temperature even than outside.

We have created a technological fabric that, by means of a special formulation, blocks the escape of infrared radiation, not only prevents this pernicious effect but also maintains the temperature inside the greenhouse several degrees above the outside during freezing nights.

On the other hand, this fabric also provides a high diffusion of light. This effect entails the elimination of shadows inside the greenhouse, which is highly beneficial because it prevents the burning effect of the upper part of the plants and invigorates the lower part. This minimizes the damage caused by frost, while increasing production and getting earlier crops.


Technical data

  • Constructions: 1 and 2 sides coated.

  • Material: LDPE coated HDPE woven fabric. Available with special thermal additive. Possibility of making by welding (for larger greenhouse covers).

  • Available widths: upto 400 cm.

  • Colours: transparent.

Frost protection


Frost protection

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Frost protection